Jobsite Requirements

For a straightforward install or delivery of your new purchase, please scroll through the detailed checklist. This will not only benefits us during the install but will also help extend the life of your new outdoor structure. If you have any questions or concerns regarding something on this checklist please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


The Amish Craft Barn is not responsible for obtaining permits or variances, if necessary. It is the homeowners responsibility to obtain any permits or variances, according to your Town regulations.


Clear access to the job site is key for a smooth operation. Stairs, narrow walkways, pools, fences, awnings, etc. may present difficulties for our crew and should be brought to our attention prior to delivery. Please clear obstacles within 2 feet of the perimeter of the jobsite before we arrive.


We will need access to street parking or your driveway, that is at least 150ft from the job site. Our truck with trailer is 30ft long (roughly 3 car lengths).


We will need access to electricity for the duration of our job because most of our tools require it. Outlets must be within 100ft of where we will be building your new structure.

Land Grade

We will level your new Shed or Gazebo up to 6 inches using patio blocks and shims. If you plan on having your Shed or Gazebo raised higher please bring it to our attention during the ordering process. Additionally the desired area should not have any protruding rocks or stumps.

Ground Quality

The ground the building sits on is just as important as the structure itself. Proper drainage and firmness of the soil will contribute to the longevity of your new structures and should not be overlooked.