Amish Outdoor Furniture in Brentwood: Sheds and More

The beauty and durability of Amish outdoor furniture are well-known throughout Brentwood, New York, and beyond. At Amish Craft Barn, we take great pride in presenting the finest Amish-built sheds, gazebos, and lounge chairs, creating a perfect backyard scene.

Our patio furniture is ideal for creating your dream outdoor patio setting. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made with premium quality materials, ensuring long-lasting utility and appeal.

Handmade by Amish craftsmen, our outdoor furniture Brentwood, NY, embodies traditional styles while providing ample comfort and functionality.

Our Products

16'x16' Hampton Pavilion White Vinyl in a backyard with a pool Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Wood


Our artistic pavilions are must-have pieces that provide charm and convenience. Their beautiful designs and quality craftsmanship make them a welcome addition to any outdoor living space. With ample space, they provide shelter from the sun and rain, become a focal point for outdoor parties, or serve as a relaxing retreat.  

14' x 14' Artisan Hemlock Pergola Mahogany Stain Custom Superior Post with a shed in a backyard Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Wood


Are you looking to enhance your outdoor patio? Our elegant pergolas provide a shaded haven for lounging, dining, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Crafted with time-honored Amish methodologies, they add a touch of timeless beauty to your backyard, offering a taste of the countryside lifestyle right in Brentwood. 

8'x12' Classic workshop shed backyard Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Smart Guard Panel Siding


With our wide selection of sheds in Brentwood, store your tools and gardening supplies or even create an enchanting playhouse for the kids. Our sheds are more than a storage space. With their traditional Amish design, they add a rustic and scenic appeal to your property.  

16' Octagon Gazebo Country Style White Vinyl Pagoda Roof Cupola Superior Posts 5x5 backyard Nass & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Wood


Our gazebos not only enhance backyard aesthetics but also provide a calming space where one can unwind and enjoy nature’s serenity. Available in various traditional styles, they serve as splendid centerpieces for your outdoor living space. 

Why Choose Our High-Quality Products?

Outdoor Amish crafted pavilion

Exceptional Craftsmanship

By choosing our Brentwood outdoor furniture, you're supporting true American craftsmanship. The Amish communities are reputed for their meticulous woodworking skills. Each of our outdoorsy must-have pieces is hand-crafted with precision, ensuring unmatched quality and longevity.
Outdoor Amish crafted pavilion

Unique Design

Our products are a blend of sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. The meticulously crafted designs bestow an exclusive charm on our furniture pieces. Add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor patio with these traditional styles that never go out of fashion.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our Amish-crafted outdoor furniture in Brentwood, NY, is synonymous with durability. These pieces of tough, resilient materials can withstand varying weather conditions. You're not just buying furniture but a long-term addition to your perfect backyard.

Investing in Tradition

Opting for our products means you're supporting and preserving traditional craftsmanship. Your purchase helps keep the tradition alive and sustains the Amish communities. These pieces are more than just commercial patio furniture for sale—they're a piece of history.

Wide Product Range

At Amish Craft Barn, we offer an extensive range of products, including lounge chairs and sheds in Brentwood. From living room to garden, we've got you covered. Explore our wide selection and make informed buying decisions as you adorn your space with our high-quality products.

Excellent Customer Service

Along with our fantastic range of products, we also offer top-notch customer service. Our outdoor furniture experts are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free outdoor patio furniture buying process.
How to Order

Here is a timeline of our ordering process


Come by the shop or call us to schedule a free estimate. Our experts will determine what is possible with your backyard vision. Also, we are contractor friendly! If you are currently working with a contractor we are more than happy to work collaboratively with them to deliver the backyard of your dreams.

Place Order

We have multiple styles and options for our structures. After you decide on the style, size and options you want for your structure, we will place your order. Lead times vary on style and size of your structure.

Schedule Delivery

About a week before we are set to receive your order we will call you to schedule the delivery date. Please check our Jobsite Requirements to ensure a smooth build process.

Build Day

Depending on the structure you’ve chosen and dimensions of said structure, it will normally take our team around 1 day to complete.

Discover What Amish Craft Barn Has to Offer Your Dream Outdoor Living Today

Investing in Amish outdoor furniture is a commitment to quality and style. At Amish Craft Barn in Brentwood, NY, we aim to offer the finest outdoor furniture, including sheds, gazebos, pavilions, and more for sale. Our knowledgeable professionals can guide you through the patio furniture buying process, ensuring you make informed decisions that best suit your outdoor living needs.

We invite you to explore our collection and curate perfect outdoor environs with our traditionally styled Amish furniture. Contact us today and begin the journey of transforming your outdoor space with our exquisite Amish outdoor furniture!

Outdoor Amish crafted white pergola
“Very happy with my shed purchase from the Amish craft barn. Great experience at the store and the installation of the shed was incredible!  White glove service from start to finish.  Hardworking and respectful crew, who did a great job. Will recommended to all”
Ryan D.
"Varied assortment of products, good selection and quality craftsmanship. Warm , friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will go back again."
Michael B.
"They are awesome people and it is a great place to get your outside furniture. The furniture they sell will last you a lifetime and it’s also extremely comfortable furniture!  The gift shop has the nicest unique things as well! Check these place out people!"
Dorothy M.
"Great experience from start to finish. Once all the proper permits were given they came in and built this beautiful shed in just 4 hours! It came out perfect. Thanks ACB!"
Daliza P.