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Amish Outdoor Furniture in Westbury: Sheds and More 

Add elegance and style to your outdoor space with beautiful, high-quality Amish outdoor furniture Westbury, NY. Unveil the charm and comfort of your patio with our outdoor furniture sets.

At Amish Craft Barn, you'll discover a wide array of pavilions, pergolas, sheds, gazebos, and more. We believe in combining quality design and unexpected styles, creating outdoor living spaces that perfectly resonate with your personal style.  

Our Products

16'x16' Hampton Pavilion White Vinyl in a backyard with a pool Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Wood


Consider our pavilions the artistic expression of outdoor patio furniture. They're not only attractive, but they also extend your living space into the garden. Whether you desire a cozy corner for relaxation or a grand centerpiece for social gatherings, pavilions offer shading and protection from unpredictable weather—a splendid addition to your backyard.  

14' x 14' Artisan Hemlock Pergola Mahogany Stain Custom Superior Post with a shed in a backyard Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Wood


Our pergolas, a union of modern design and traditional craftsmanship, offer a unique charm to your outdoor space. Their open-airiness combines light and shadows beautifully to create a calming ambiance perfect for any outdoor setting to enhance an outdoor dining experience.  

8'x12' Classic workshop shed backyard Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Smart Guard Panel Siding


Every homeowner in the United States appreciates the value of a well-crafted shed. Our sheds in Westbury offer an optimal storage solution and a robust and long-lasting addition to your backyard. Our sheds can fit any yard size with their modular design while retaining their aesthetic appeal.  

16' Octagon Gazebo Country Style White Vinyl Pagoda Roof Cupola Superior Posts 5x5 backyard Nass & Suffolk county Long Island
Vinyl & Wood


Farewell to the monotony of garden furniture with our enchanting gazebos. Carefully constructed with superior craftsmanship, our gazebos provide a visual anchor to your backyard while offering a protected outdoor dining area. They perfectly encapsulate the concept of outdoor living space. 

What's Exceptional About Our Products?

Green shed

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Shopping at Amish Craft Barn means your outdoor furniture is guaranteed to have superior craftsmanship. Our dedicated artisans put their hearts into each piece of furniture, ensuring unparalleled durability and a unique aesthetic that complements your outdoor living space.
Light brown gazebos

Authentic Amish Furniture

Rooted in United States tradition, each item at our outdoor furniture store is an emblem of authentic Amish craftsmanship. Known for robustness and elegance, our Westbury outdoor furniture presents comfort and reliability.Whether it be dining sets, patio furniture, or garden accents, we bring you nothing less than the best.

Exceptional Material Quality

Our commitment to quality design is apparent in our choice of materials. We use premium, sustainably sourced hardwoods such as oak, cherry and maple to craft our outdoor patio furniture. With us, you can rest assured your custom pieces will stand the test of time, weather, and style trends.

Long-Lasting Furniture

We understand that outdoor furniture sets are an investment—a part of your home expected to last. At Amish Craft Barn, we guarantee your purchase will be a timeless addition to your space, potentially becoming a cherished piece of furniture for generations to come.

Exceptional Customer Service

A cornerstone of our business is offering exceptional and proactive customer service. From guiding you through our wide selection and discussing modular design possibilities to aiding with the final purchase, our design professionals ensure a seamless shopping experience.
How to Order

Here is a timeline of our ordering process


Come by the shop or call us to schedule a free estimate. Our experts will determine what is possible with your backyard vision. Also, we are contractor friendly! If you are currently working with a contractor we are more than happy to work collaboratively with them to deliver the backyard of your dreams.

Place Order

We have multiple styles and options for our structures. After you decide on the style, size and options you want for your structure, we will place your order. Lead times vary on style and size of your structure.

Schedule Delivery

About a week before we are set to receive your order we will call you to schedule the delivery date. Please check our Jobsite Requirements to ensure a smooth build process.

Build Day

Depending on the structure you’ve chosen and dimensions of said structure, it will normally take our team around 1 day to complete.

Ready to Transform Your Backyard? Contact Amish Craft Barn Today

With a commitment to detail, a love of handcrafted work, and an enormous range of products, Amish Craft Barn is ready to help you transform your backyard into a personal oasis. Remember, our incredible range of outdoor furniture in Westbury, NY, isn't just about functionality—it's about creating memories in the comfort of your home.

No matter what design ideas you have in mind for your perfect piece of outdoor furniture, our professionals at Amish Craft Barn are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today and discover the magic of Amish outdoor furniture today. Let's make your outdoor living dreams a reality!

16'x16' Hampton Pavilion White Vinyl in a backyard with a pool Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island
“Very happy with my shed purchase from the Amish craft barn. Great experience at the store and the installation of the shed was incredible!  White glove service from start to finish.  Hardworking and respectful crew, who did a great job. Will recommended to all”
Ryan D.
"Varied assortment of products, good selection and quality craftsmanship. Warm , friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will go back again."
Michael B.
"They are awesome people and it is a great place to get your outside furniture. The furniture they sell will last you a lifetime and it’s also extremely comfortable furniture!  The gift shop has the nicest unique things as well! Check these place out people!"
Dorothy M.
"Great experience from start to finish. Once all the proper permits were given they came in and built this beautiful shed in just 4 hours! It came out perfect. Thanks ACB!"
Daliza P.